Fibre Optic Sparkle Curtain

Add some magic to your bathroom

Optical fibres run behind the tiles and emerge between them to add a touch of magic to this bathroom

Optical fibres grouted into tiled bathroom walls: a dramatic look but not difficult to install.

Solid core side glow optical fibre can be used to create dramatic lighting effects.

Solid core sideglow optical fibre
Follow the link for a colour demo.

Italian artist Carlo Bernardini does spectacular installations using sideglow optical fibre

Italian artist Carlo Bernardini does spectacular things with sideglow optical fibre. Click the photo for a larger image.


Solution Graphics

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Starscape supplied 90 fibre optic paver lighting kits to Westfield Stratford shopping centre

1260 Stainless Steel deck lighting fittings and 90 next-generation LED light sources supplied to Westfield Stratford shopping mall, adjacent  to the Olympic Stadium. Click here for photos and a project report.

Starscape supplied ASG Essex with a powerful LED light source and a 600 fibre harness. They created an excellent natural star pattern in one of the arches at Ealing Broadway shopping centre.

Starscape supplied London 2012 with 3mm and 6mm light guide. Both sizes were used in the "Doves'" wings.

Fibre Optic star cloths

These Starscape star cloths were made for Australia's Black Swan State Theatre Company

Need a star cloth? Join the growing number of theatres, cruise ships, clubs, DJs and events companies who use Starscape's fibre optic star curtains as a glittering backdrop to their productions.

LED strips and tape

We can offer RGB (colour changing) and single colour LED tape and rigid strips for mood lighting, home cinemas, shop fitting etc.


Fibre Optic Lighting

Welcome to Starscape, your source for fibre optic and LED lighting. We are a supplier and installer of fibre optic lighting systems, serving customers here in the UK and in countries as far afield as New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and the USA - to name just a few. We're not the biggest fibre optics firm in the UK, but we'd be surprised if you didn't find us the friendliest!

Fibre optics are perfect for creating that sensation of sleeping out under the stars, but they can also be used in a huge range of other innovative lighting designs, both indoors and out. Fibre optic lighting can be used to dramatic effect in the bathroom or kitchen, and the ability to separate the light output from the electrical supply has obvious safety applications. You can install fibre optic lighting in a splashback next to a bath or washbasin - or even inside a shower enclosure.

Home cinema star ceilings are part of Starscape's core business
Home cinema expertise - and a nice star ceiling - by Technoloje Construção e Tecnologia, S.A, one of the growing number of home cinema specialists here in te UK and across the EU who come to Starscape for advice and components.

As the photo above demonstrates, a star ceiling works very well in home cinemas, and this website now includes an area dedicated to this rapdily expanding sector.

Remember, a single light source (the projector which puts the light into the fibres) can often be used to illuminate several different lighting effects,– so fibre optic lighting may be more economical than you'd expect. The largest of our light sources is capable of illuminating something in the region of 1,200 individual fibres.

A great advantage of fibre optic lighting is that the fibres and/or end fittings can be permanently sealed in place, without having to worry about access to change bulbs. As long as the light source is accessible, the actual glowing fibre ends can be anywhere -– up on a high ceiling, cast permanently into a concrete floor or wall or built in to a staircase to illuminate the risers or treads.

This column of lights is simply optical fibre end points cut flush with the marble and sealed with a clear epoxy resin
Another Starscape customer, Classique & Co, used fibre optics to great effect in this marble clad bathroom. The row of fibre optic end points is maintenance-free and there is no electricity in the wet areas. The light source is located in the attic above.

Tired of conventional white light? The colour wheel in your lightsource allows you to change the colour of the output light without changing a single bulb. And, with the advent of LED light source technology, your choice of colours becomes virtually limitless.

If it's a star ceiling you're interested in, we believe that nobody else approaches this with the same enthusiasm or creativity. From large bespoke star ceilings to our star domes and our home cinema Infinity panels, we design and make star ceilings which will grace any setting.

The fibre optic deck lighting as seen from the house.
Fibre optics work very well in the garden, as this nicely-executed decking project illustrates. These "stars" are all lit by a single light source.
Starscape's fibre optic sparkle fibre is used in chandeliers and sensory kits.

Sparkle fibre showing light leaking from the manufactured ‘cracks’ in the fibre as well from the exposed ends. This fibre is good for many applications including Chandeliers and Sparkle Curtains.


Finally, we also provide advice: feel free to e-mail or phone if you'd like to discuss the potential for fibre optic lighting. As you'd expect, this is a subject we're enthusiastic about, and we're always interested to hear how people plan to use fibre optics. We get a lot of feedback from clients and this contributes to a growing knowledge base which helps to inspire and help new customers.